Toby Lewis
Town Council

Toby Lewis

For over two decades, Toby Lewis has called South Windsor his home. Throughout his time in the community, he has actively participated in the Avery Street Christian Reformed Church, alongside his devoted family and late wife. Notably, his daughter is a proud graduate of the esteemed South Windsor Schools, a testament to the strong educational foundation fostered in this town. As a doting grandfather, Toby dutifully devotes his time and attention to his four beloved grandchildren.

Toby’s commitment to serving his community is exemplified by his current roles on the Water Pollution Control Authority, where he tirelessly strives to alleviate the burden of taxes on citizens. As the chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission, he plays an instrumental role in preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and recreational facilities South Windsor has to offer. Furthermore, Toby’s dedication extends to his past involvement in the Housing Authority, where he diligently worked to address the housing needs within the community.

Toby’s unwavering dedication to the well-being of South Windsor’s residents is also evident in his approach to public service. He prides himself on being a compassionate and attentive listener, always striving to understand the needs and concerns of the individuals he serves. Toby’s passion for his role and his town is unmatched, making him a trusted and well-respected figure in South Windsor’s political landscape.

Toby Lewis

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