Matthew Siracusa
Town Council

Matthew Siracusa

Matt Siracusa is a devoted resident of South Windsor with a lifelong dedication to making a difference. Graduating from SWHS in 2008, Matt’s sports background fueled his passion for coaching his daughter’s soccer team in town. But that’s not all – he also owns a thriving small business.

What truly sets Matt apart is his commitment to helping others. He has founded numerous local and national ministries that have positively impacted over 100,000 homeless individuals both locally and globally. The joy and fulfillment he experiences from this work are unparalleled.

Beyond his community involvement, Matt is actively serving in the South Windsor town council. He envisions a future for our town that prioritizes sustainable growth, community engagement, and the preservation of our unique character. His approach to progress strikes a balance between honoring our past and creating a superb living environment for everyone. 

With unwavering dedication, Matt is determined to transform South Windsor into the best possible place for all its residents.

Matthew Siracusa

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