Lisa Maneeley
Board of Education

Lisa Maneeley

Lisa Maneeley, a dedicated resident of South Windsor since 1990, has played an active role in her community for over three decades. As a devoted mother of three, she has experienced the South Windsor School System firsthand, watching her children thrive and graduate. 

Lisa began her journey into politics by joining the Board of Education. With a deep understanding of education at all levels, from elementary to high school, she found herself in a perfect position to make positive changes and advocate for students.

With 32 years of experience as a math teacher, Lisa has witnessed the ever-evolving landscape of education. Through changes in curriculum, funding, and the overall climate of schools, she remains motivated by the meaningful impact she can have on students’ lives.

Lisa’s political career has come full circle. After serving on the Board of Education, she transitioned to the Town Council, but her passion for education has brought her back to where it all started. With a genuine appreciation for the importance of public education in the community, Lisa recognizes the significant influence the Board of Education budget holds over the town budget. Her unique perspective on funding will ensure that the Board remains responsible stewards of town funds, providing the best education for all students in the district. 

Lisa Maneeley is committed to empowering students, supporting educational initiatives, and ensuring a bright future for South Windsor.

Lisa Maneeley

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