Elena Poma
Board of Education

Elena Poma

A native of Puerto Rico, Elena possesses a rich multicultural background. Fluent in both Spanish and English, she received her education in both Connecticut and Puerto Rico, ultimately earning a Master’s degree in social work from Springfield College. Seeking a safe community and optimal educational opportunities for her children, Elena made the decision to establish roots in South Windsor over two decades ago. Passionate about exploring new cultures, Elena has traveled to over ten different countries. 

As a highly skilled social worker, Elena collaborates closely with a variety of public and private agencies to establish enduring partnerships centered around a shared mission of assisting and uplifting others. Her dedication to this cause extends to her memberships in prominent organizations such as the CT Republican Assembly (CTRA) and the National Republican Hispanic Assembly (NRHA). With her vast professional experience and unwavering commitment to serving others, Elena is a true asset to any community she serves.

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